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Revolutionizing masks

Amid this global pandemic, do you desire convenience, comfort, normalcy, and safety in a public setting? Boomerang has you covered. With a variety of eco-friendly and fashionable designs to choose from, our mask has a magnetic opening to support safe eating during the pandemic age.

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Young Businesswomen



Made from recycled material and reusable


Keeping fashion trends alive through mask designs for males and females

Free customization

Add initials on the inside or outside of your mask to prevent family mix-ups

Convenient eating

Boomerang style flap for eating in public

Quality material

Thick, but breathable masks that do not shrink when washed


For a cheaper option buy in bulk, or try out individuals

Adjustable straps

A size that fits all

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Our Story

As a group of young entrepreneurs our mission is to revolutionize masks. Frustrated with unsafe eating in public settings we created eco-friendly masks that provides convenience, style, comfort, and customization at an affordable price.

At Boomerang, we want to emphasize that our goal is to stop the unsanitary process of having to take your mask on and off in a public setting. When eating at a restaurant, work place, or even when traveling, our mask is made to make your day easier. While enjoying a quick cup of coffee all you have to do is open your flap, sip, and close the flap. This ensures your safety, and stops the inconvenience and unsanitary action of constantly taking your mask on and off. Live in simplicity and buy boomerang.

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Who is Boomerang for?

In every public setting, boomerang can come in handy.


Having lunch with some clients? Sipping a coffee during work?


Sipping coffee while teaching a class? Want to snack on some carrots while grading assignments? Want to eat lunch with your class?


Going out to eat with your friends? Want to eat ice cream while walking around town center?


Taking a long flight, that requires you to wear a mask at all times, even when you're eating?

Amusement parks

Going to Disney world? Stand in line and drink water with ease. In such a crowded place being able to easily open and close for necessary food and beverage stops, your mask is the safest option.

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Boomerang is not medical grade

Not a surgical mask

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