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Before there was Boomerang, there was chaos

Revolutionizing masks

Let's recall back to your last night out with friends, where you happened to have gone out to eat to your favorite Mexican Restaurant. As you bring the taco up to your face, you remember you still have your mask on. You struggle to take your mask off with one hand as you have a taco in the other. After you finally take it off, you try to find your purse so you're not putting your mask on the table ( do you really now how well they wiped it down). After a minute or two you take a bite and feel uncomfortable in a restaurant full of people that also don't have their masks on. You whisper to yourself "man I wish I could eat out in public without constantly feeling overwhelmed and uncomfortable. " Don't worry Boomerang has you covered.

Before Boomerang: Welcome

Evolution of Masks

Before Boomerang: Products


17th century plague in the UK:

Plague victims wore a mask with a long bird-like beak that had two holes, one on each side near the nostrils. The plague was said to be spread by poisoned air, so the beaked masks were filled with herbs to filter the air, and the beak assisted in being able to give the air enough time to be cleaned by the herbs before reaching the nose. These beaked masks also resulted in natural social distancing due to the long nature of the mask, and scared others off to decrease the spread of the virus.

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 5.42.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 10.21.13


Presence of masks as protective gear

Lewis Hassley created masks for miners as a protective mask, which then influenced the development of gas masks.


First presence of a modern mask

First presence of a modern mask! French doctor sewed gauze onto his surgical gown. The doctor would flip the color up to use it which evolved to modern day neck gaiters and surgical masks.

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 10.23.07
Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 10.26.54


China smog

China was due to smog in 2012 and that’s when mask models such as N95 and KN90 came out. The company 3M has been producing these masks since 1967, and boomed in 2012.

Current Masks


As an international issue, modern day citizens of any country, don't want this pandemic to interrupt their normal daily lives. Currently, we are all trying to adjust to certain circumstances for safety precautions. But as humans we have social desires to meet people and communicate. Thats why modern day masks are not applicable to today's society. We need to adjust to those global citizens who still have to go on by there day for economic stability and job duties. For those citizens that need to travel for business, attend work, lead the country, teach kids, attend college, and al humans with a social cravings amid this pandemic, we need a better innovation.

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A company that adjusts to the daily lives of the working people during a pandemic.

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